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Thursday, May 26, 2011

this is much more fun! hell yeah! :D

ok ni mcm like seriously best nak mampos..
hang out with my old friend bestiessss yang best nak mampos tak terkata :DD

at first,nk tgok cte nur kasih and I was like..erkkk,xnakla..haha sian mimir :P
and I was the one who suggested that movie insidious thingy..

ok cte tu horror ouh!
tapi best sbb dye cte hantu yg lain dr yg lain
and throughout the movie we screamed all the time
and of course la I think that our voices je yg kedengaran
HAHA..who cares neway we all hd fun like hell!
gelak2 nak mmpus like seriously
hannah is so hardcore!...HAHA..
mir da pening da pale :S
bape lame eh x jumpe?
about 1 year 2 years maybe?!
woah such a long time
banyak da berubah :D

me n mir..baik je kan muka :D

US :D *mir,hannah,me*

haha me n hannah..dunno why my face look weird.. -.-

overall, thanks guys for this perfect moment
There's always something worth living for :)